Mandatory Covid Testing for Unvaccinated Athletes!

Tuesday is the designated site testing for Point Loma High (free). Unvaccinated athletes who choose to not test will not be permitted to participate in athletics, all Fall coaches are also aware of this.  A master list will be sent to the site. This is not a PLHS rule, this is from the District. Fully vaccinated athletes DO NOT need to test. 
Appointments on Tuesdays at PLHS are from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm in Room 204.
You must make the appointment through the UCSD website below.  Here is the link to sign up for an appointment:
These TWO forms MUST be completed to test:
There are also drive up testing centers (also free) available everyday, all day. Here is the link:
Military families will need to show vaccination card as they do not use the SDIR system.