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To contact our attendance office, please contact Ms. Julie Lundy


When reporting a student absence the parent will need to leave a message on the Voice Mail system (619) 860-5000 x 3020 that includes the following information:

  • The name and grade level of the student – please spell the last name
  • The reason for the absence
  • Parent’s name and relationship to the student, and
  • A phone number for verification purposes.

If the student’s absence is confirmed by phone on the day(s) of the absence, the student may report directly to class upon returning to school. The student is responsible for clearing his/her own period absences.  If a student feels an error has been made, he/she contacts their teacher (outside of class time) and asks for a correction.


Attendance is one of the most important contributions to a student’s success. If a student is ill or there is another legitimate reason not to be at school, it is the parent’s responsibility to contact PLHS’s attendance office to report that absence. As defined by the state, absences can only be marked as excused for the following reasons:

  • Illness, including medical, dental and chiropractic appointments, lice, under a doctor's care, medical quarantine and hospitalization
  • Bereavement of an immediate family member or relative living in the student's household
  • Justifiable personal reasons
  • School-initiated absences, including suspensions
  • Juvenile Hall
  • Students absent pending exemption or placement

Any absence not cleared within 3 days by a parent will become a truancy. Truancies will affect a student’s grades. To assist parents, we continually review and improve our attendance procedures to give parents many avenues for clearing their student’s absence. We use the School Messenger system to call parents to inform them of student absences of one or more classes. Staff will also make calls to the home or to a parent’s work location to inform them of absences in an effort to clear an absence.